Here is what Quebbie Owners have to say

about their Quebbie DJ in a Box:

"It is a pleasure to have the “Quebbie DJ in a Box" system here at MCB Quantico (VA).  The Marines here are truly impressed with your awesome system each and every time we use it. Thank you so much for the great system and the wonderful updates that you provide.

  Nakya Dozier, Community Services Coordinator, Quantico

" We like to see the excitement and satisfaction from customers when they bring it back from rental. We see a lot of our business coming from people who have seen it at an event and come in to our store to rent it and end up renting other items as well.

  Brian McCafferty, Owner  KenMac Rental & Sales  Butler, PA                      

"Its a lot of fun for our customers and our staff. Everyone that sees it almost always rents it on the spot."

 Donna Smithey, Owner  Intents Events  Tallahassee, FL

"I feel that Quebbie is the hottest new product for the party rental industry. It is the easiest add-on to any party rental needing music for their event. The variety of music is excellent for both young and old and it is very simple to operate. We anticipate adding more Quebbie's to our inventory in the very near future."  

  Mike Hall, Owner General Rental Center - Cranberry, PA                  

"Quebbie is wonderful, We love it !"

  Melanie Waddell , Owner   Classic Party Rentals   Freeport, PA       

"It's awesome for rentals and we love having play in our store as well. "

  Orris Harkin  Owner  Action Party Rental  Kingsport, TN

"I love my Quebbie. It's making me a lot of money"

  Robert Hanbury , Owner Special Events Entertainment  Chesapeake, VA

"Quebbie gives my rental business opportunities for revenue even in the middle of winter. I love it!"

  Michael Linton Owner Michaels Party Rental Ludlow, MA

"We have found the Quebbie to be easy to use and very reliable. We are also quite impressed with the frequency and content of the updates as well as the overall variety of music available..............."
   Jerri Geiser, Owner All Events Rental, Wooster, OH           Our Very First Quebbie Rental Partner - Thank you!
"The Quebbie rents out all the time! Once a customers sees the Quebbie, 2 out of 3 times they add it to their order". Our customers tell us their guests are crowded around the Quebbie all night long"
   Bobby Cooper, Owner Big Top Party Rentals - Tewksbury, MA 
"Quebbie is the best thing since sliced bread. When we take it to bridal shows, it is the hottest rental item in our booth. Our customers love it and so do we."
 Melanie Larkin, Manager Sun Rental - Mentor, OH  
"The Quebbie DJ in a Box is a big hit in our area. My customers love it!
JoeLee Motchka, Owner, Rent E Quip Inc. Honesdale, PA
"We already have people lining up to rent the Quebbie for events next year. We've seen how the Quebbie case can take a beating and the system still operates fine. A testimonial to their quality"
Mike Reed, Owner Centre Party Rental - New Philadelphia, OH
"The Quebbie is a GREAT system to use. It is so easy to operate and is a joy to work with. People love it and I have more time to interact with our customers due to the ability to preset play lists. We use Quebbie in our Banquet Hall business as well as for our DJ business and we could not be happier with the system. We highly recommend it !"
   Allen Mustard, All Occasions Catering - Waldo, OH
"Easy to use - Works GREAT!"
   Brandi Robbins, Kinney Bros & Keel - Ontario, OR
"It works great! Our customers are like little kids when they begin to play with the Quebbie. Our adult customers love to look up the songs from their younger days and are continually surprised by the collection of music."
   April Ruggiero, Owner, Special Events Tent & Party Rentals - Bangor, PA
"The Quebbie has been a nice addition to my business. At first my 19 year old DJ was using it. Now it has become a hit rental item"
  Sinclair Ray III, Owner, The Music Maker - North Charleston, SC
" I love the ease of use of my Quebbie"
  Mitchell White, Owner, Dynamic Music, Alliance, OH
" The Quebbie has become a vital component to my business with all the corporate meeting we do. Corporate America loves Quebbie"
   Andy Wall, Owner Media Wall - Kill Devils Hills, SC                    

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